This is a webcomic about the fantastic adventure of Jake and Ferris. Both suddenly find themselves in a world of a completely different proportions after a mysterious power shrinks them down to very small little beings. They quickly learn that anything that people normally do is much more difficult when you're lacking in size and strength. Now it is on them to find out how to turn back to normal again.

Their journey is filled with myths, mysteries and crime and they find out that this world has way more secrets than anyone thought to know.



Ferris Kotter

A bit of a clumsy 26 year old guy with a lot of bad luck following him most of the time. He works as a caretaker in a retirement home. A while ago he quit his medical studies because he was- as he himself would call it: "too stupid for that".

Despite all that, Ferris is a very optimistic guy even when things aren't going so well. Although it helps him push through in most cases, it also get on peoples nerves sometimes.


RĂ¼diger Baumgartner (Jake)

Jake is 16 years old. He chose to keep his real name secret because he thinks it sounds stupid and embarrassing. So far he is keeping that secret very well.

Even though he is very creative and artistic, Jake doesn't do well in school, because he often skips classes that he deems to be boring for him. Like most teenagers he is very impulsive and moody, he gets easily angered and frustrated.

Jake is still questioning his gender identity. But he assumes that he might be somewhere on the trans spectrum.


Lester the Raven

Lester is a (mostly) friendly common raven. Since he lives in captivity, he never learned to imitate the human language, as many other of his kind normally do.

He loves food, especially meat and cheese. So it is quite easy to befriend him by offering a nice treat.



Martin is the leader of the schools skating gang. Other gang members are Pana and Jenny. Who are unlike Martin are very chill. Martin has a lot of bullying potential. Luckily the other two members don't support his habit.

Even so they cannot pretend Martin from picking on others. Since Jake is new to school. He is his number one victim from now on.


Pana and Jenny

They are a couple. They are often mistaken for two dudes who are hanging out but they are in a serious relationship.

Speaking of that. What? Jenny is a girl?

Right. Jenny is a nonbinary girl. She prefers "she" But she is often mistaken for a guy because of her size and her fashion style. She is pretty chill and just not want go get into trouble.


Sir Johannes

Strange man who appears and disappears by will. More will be added soon...


Joey (codename)

Freelance headhunter. Currently works for a criminal organisation. Not much is known of them yet.

While working for that specific organisation she must work together with Leon.



Leon is Joeys partner. His function is to control and watch over her activities while working for his organisation.

Even when he doesn't seem to be the brigthest member he has a very high rank in the organisation.


David Wieczorek

Tutor of Jake and private teacher.

Maybe also like a father for Jake. Because his parents don't spend much time with him.

He teaches mathematics and lives in his own garage where he builds and fixed his own motorcicles.

Since he is completely asexual, he preferres to live alone at the moment. He had a dog before but he dies a few years ago.



He is the first person who got attacked by the criminals.

Its not yet known why but it seems that Lester the raven belongs to him.

He seems also a bit shady for some reason.